This article appeared in Orange magazine, a publication written and produced by Imagination Publishing. Below is an excerpt of the article.
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Print: Is the Future Hyper or Mindful?
Online: http://orange.imaginepub.com/is-the-future-hyper-or-mindful/

Is the Future Hyper or Mindful?

Chances are if you’ve stayed at a hotel lately, you’ve seen that suddenly ubiquitous little sign: “Dear Guest, Every day millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels that are only used once. You make the choice.” Who would turn down such an earnest plea to help the environment?

When they hang their used towels on the rack, guests feel good about their decision to help the environment and stay at a hotel that is interested in conserving resources. The hotel benefits from being seen as “green,” even if its underlying motivation is saving on the water bill.

Not that motivations matter. The fact is, hyperconsumerism—the notion that the more stuff we consume, the happier we’ll be—has become increasingly unpopular as it has taxed our resources, advanced the obesity epidemic and muddied our priorities. In the aftermath of the recession, there are rumblings of a hyperconsumerism backlash: McMansions are a tough sell, as are gas-guzzling SUVs.

That’s why now is a good time for brands to woo the growing class of consumers who seek a more simple and sustainable lifestyle.



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